The friendship between Kelly Ashoona and Liberty Van Zandt formed in the eighth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation when the two became roommates at Smithdale University due to Emma Nelson's meddling with Liberty and Manny Santos' room assignments. Liberty and Kelly get along, even pairing up to work on projects together. Kelly had considerably less interaction with Liberty than he did with Manny and Emma, and it is possible that their friendship ended after Kelly was kicked out of their dorm room after being caught with Emma's marijuana brownies.

Friendship History

Season 8

In Uptown Girl (1), Liberty and Kelly meet each other for the first time when they are assigned to the same room thanks to Emma messing around with her and Manny's housing arrangements. Later, Kelly walks into their dorm room while Liberty is changing and sees her naked. He quickly covers his eyes while Liberty finishes changing, and escorts himself to another corner of the room. Later with Emma, he sneaks up and squirts Manny and Liberty with some water guns.

In Didn't We Almost Have It All, Emma, Kelly, Manny, and Liberty all attend the meeting for information on different sororities.

In With or Without You, Liberty and Kelly arrive to class together. They pair up for a project, and Liberty tells Manny and Emma that he is taken when they look over to Kelly, hoping to be his partner. In their project, they come to the conclusion that they are compatible to be friends and roommates, but are incompatible as mates because they have different goals.


  • Kelly has seen Liberty naked.
  • Liberty is the only girl in their room to not have romantic feelings for Kelly.
  • Their friendship may have ended when Kelly was kicked out of the dorms.
  • They were both friends with Emma and Manny.