Kelly Carlson
Full Name Kelly Lee Carlson
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 17, 1976 (age 40)
Hair Color Blonde
Job Actress
First Episode Paradise City (2) (820)
Last Episode Paradise City (2) (820)
Reason She was only briefly shown with Marco.
Portrayed By Herself
Kelly Carlson was a minor character that briefly appeared in the Season 8 movie finale Degrassi Goes Hollywood. She is an American actress and model.

Character History

Season 8

In Paradise City, Kelly and Vivica Fox approach Marco Del Rossi, after he had just misidentified a woman with long hair as Ashton Kutcher. Vivica tells him that she could have told him that that lady wasn't Ashton Kutcher since his shoulders are a lot broader, and Kelly chimes in that he no longer wears the trucker hat, either, though she likes Marco's hat. They leave to find Jean Harlow's star on the ground.