Kevin was the former resident advisor (RA) for Paige Michalchuk during her stay in the dorms at Banting University. He only appeared in one episode of the sixth season. He was portrayed by Nicholas Carella.

Character History

Season 6


Kevin and Paige in her dorm room after he put out the fire.

In Free Fallin' (2), he puts out the fire in Paige's room. He tells her she can sleep in the common room for now since she cannot stay in her room, which freaks Paige out because she has a lot of work still left to do. Later, while Paige is trying to finish her late work, he approaches her, and asks if he could check his blog. Paige replies that trying to save her semester is more important. Kevin only reminds her that she doesn't have much time left to do her work, before leaving.


  • He has a blog.