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Full Name Kira
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red
Relationships J.J. (Attraction, One Date)
Job Student
School(s) New York University
First Episode Eli: Dorm Life

(First Appearance)

Portrayed By Brittany Adams
 Kira is an actor that acted in the action movie that Eli Goldsworthy made, and she seems to have attraction for J.J.

Character History

Degrassi Minis

In Rewrites, her and J.J. are both acting in Eli's movie, which is based on Eli and Clare's relationship, but she stops the scene because she doesn't think the story makes sense. It's revealed that she finds J.J. attractive. Lenore cuts them for the day, and her and J.J. go out on a date.


  • It's unknown if she will return, or if her and J.J. are dating.