"He's got this smart girl thing. He liked the way you said 'veneration' and 'masterly'."
— Sean to Liberty about Towerz in Accidents Will Happen (2)

The relationship between Liberty Van Zandt and Towerz began in the third season of Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Relationship History


After Liberty gave up on her long-time crush J.T. Yorke, Sean Cameron informed Liberty that his friend, Towerz, had a crush on her. Sean tells her that he has a thing for "smart girls." The two began dating, although they were never seen together interacting on camera. In the fourth season, Liberty briefly mentions that the two broke up over the summer, although never explaining why. It is possible that the show did not further explore their relationship because the actor who portrayed Towerz was fired for continually being late to the set.

Season 3

In Accidents Will Happen (2), Liberty has developed a crush on Sean, but he bluntly turns her down, saying he will never be interested in her. Jay Hogart makes a joke about the situation, telling him to go for it, saying that he has heard Liberty is great at chess. Looking unamused, Towerz hits Jay on the arm, as if telling him to cut it out. When Liberty is later feeling down about being rejected, Sean approaches her and tells her that Towerz has a crush on her. Smiling, Liberty looks over to the window, as Towerz is standing behind it and waving to her. Sean tells her that Towerz has a thing for smart girls, and that he liked the way she said "masterly" and "veneration."

In Our House, Liberty asks J.T. if he has a date to the semi-formal. He questions if she is asking him, but Liberty tells him that she is taken, and shows J.T. a binder decorated with pictures of her and Towerz on it together. J.T. retorts that it's good that Towerz is getting some practice for his future mugshot, and Liberty sticks her tongue out at him in response. Later she gives J.T. advice on him asking his crush, Manny Santos to the semi-formal.

In The Power of Love, Towerz and Liberty attend the dance together and are seen dancing together.

Season 4

On the first day of school in Ghost in the Machine (1), Liberty mentions that she and Towerz broke up during the summer.



  • Towerz was Liberty's first boyfriend and her only boyfriend other than J.T. Yorke.
  • The two never interacted with each other on-screen, aside from smiling at each other when they first met.
  • Liberty supposedly walked in on Towerz with another woman, according to an interview with Mike Lobel.
  • Shane Kippel allegedly referred to Liberty and Towerz as the worst couple in Degrassi history.
  • This relationship would have been explored further in the show, but Travis Donegan, the actor who played Towerz, was fired because he showed up late to set too often.