Lily is an Asian girl who attended Degrassi Community School. She worked on the morning announcements as a camera worker with Ashley Kerwin and Liberty Van Zandt.

Character History

Season 1

In Family Politics, she was in Ms. Kwan's Grade 8 homeroom class.

In Basketball Diaries, Lily worked as a camera worker on the Degrassi Video Announcements. She filmed Liberty during her first performance on the video announcements, which did not go as well as planned and Lily was embarrassed for her friend. She tried to comfort Liberty telling her the performance was not that bad, although Liberty was teased by other students making her think otherwise. In the end Liberty gave the announcements a second try and did very well, Lily seemed happy for her as she was seen smiling after Liberty finished the announcements.


  • Much like the character Oskar, she was also only seen attending Degrassi during season one.