Lindsay was a waitress at The Break Room. She was portrayed by Laura Miyata.

Character History

Season 9

In Why Can't This Be Love (1), Johnny DiMarco and Bruce are checking out Lindsay, and Bruce tries to convince Johnny to ask her out. Bruce calls her over, and they talk, but when Bruce asks for her number for Johnny, she walks away. Later, Johnny is angry with Bruce because he thinks he could have had a chance with her if Bruce hadn't been there. Johnny returns to The Break Room to see Lindsay, and she comments on the fact that Bruce isn't there, also revealing she thinks he is a loser. Lindsay enlists Johnny to help her roll silverware. She asks him about university and then compliments him, leading him to ask her to his high school formal. Lindsay asks if he is kidding, ultimately rejecting him. When Johnny and Bruce start to fight, Lindsay stops them, and comments she doesn't hang out with high school students because of their immaturity.