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All characters from 'Degrassi: TNG', 'Degrassi' and 'Degrassi: Next Class'.

Class of 2006

  • Hazel Aden
  • Jimmy Brooks*
  • Marco Del Rossi
  • Jay Hogart"
  • Ashley Kerwin*
  • Terri Macgreggor^
  • Craig Manning"
  • Spinner Mason*
  • Paige Michalchuk
  • {Rick Murray}~
  • Ellie Nash
  • Alex Nunez
  • Amy Peters-Hoffman
  • Heather Sinclair

Class of 2007

  • Sean Cameron"
  • Damian Hayes
  • Toby Isaacs
  • Emma Nelson
  • Manny Santos
  • Chris Sharp^
  • Lucas Valieri"
  • Liberty Van Zandt
  • {J.T. Yorke}

Class of 2008

  • Bruce the Moose
  • Johnny DiMarco
  • Darcy Edwards^
  • Derek Haig^
  • Kendra Mason^
  • Peter Stone
  • Danny Van Zandt
  • Jane Vaughn

Class of 2011

  • Sav Bhandari
  • Chantay Black
  • Leia Chang^
  • Blue Chessex^
  • Declan Coyne^
  • Fiona Coyne*
  • Mia Jones^
  • Anya MacPherson
  • Zane Park
  • Holly J. Sinclair
  • Riley Stavros

Class of 2013

  • Mike Dallas*
  • Bianca L. Desousa
  • Eli Goldsworthy
  • Marisol Lewis
  • Jake Martin
  • Mo Mashkour
  • Katie Matlin
  • Imogen Moreno*
  • Drew Torres*

Class of 2014

  • Becky Baker
  • Alli Bhandari
  • Connor DeLaurier
  • Clare Edwards
  • Jenna Middleton
  • K.C Guthrie (Kirk Cameron)^
  • {Adam Torres}

Class of 2015 (Senior Year)

  • Jonah Haak~
  • Jack Jones^
  • Jess Martello^
  • Sadie Rowland^
  • {Campbell Saunders}

Class of 2016 (Junior Year)

  • Tiny Bell
  • Grace Cardinal
  • Winston Chu
  • Miles Hollingsworth III
  • Maya Matlin
  • Tristan Milligan
  • Zig Novak
  • Zoë Rivas
  • Tori Santamaria^
  • Goldi Nahir

Class of 2017 (Sophomore Year)

  • Frankie Hollingsworth
  • Hunter Hollingsworth
  • Lola Pacini
  • Shay Powers
  • Arlene Takahashi^
  • Vijay Maraj
  • Yael Baron
  • Baaz Nahir


*graduated late

"did not graduate

~held back (in high school) - for classes yet to graduate

^moved away/disappeared without explanation

{deceased before graduation}

Note that students graduating late or not at all are marked in the class they started high school in.

Note that Sean Cameron repeated grade 7 so he is a year older than the rest of his class.

Note that Chantay Black was a freshman in 2005 and was somehow, without being held back, a freshman again in 2006.

Note that Mia Jones repeated grade 8 so she is a year older than the rest of her class.

Note that Tori Santamaria repeated grade 4 so she is a year older than the rest of her class.

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