Live to Tell is the twelfth episode of Season 7 of Degrassi: The Next Generation. It aired on March 7, 2008 in the United States, and on March 24, 2008 in Canada.


Darcy is still not over her rape and finds a confidant in Mr. Simpson, but her constant flirtation is making his life difficult. Meanwhile, Jimmy is in a downward relationship with Ashley, and begins a relationship with Trina.

Main Plot

Still unable to cope with her rape, a troubled Darcy goes down a destructive path of lies, promiscuity, and disturbing behavior which results in her losing Peter and her reputation. She constantly hangs around near Mr. Simpson and she begins to make advances towards him, including hugging him and flirting.

When he told her she had to stop, she went manic and threatened to cut open her throat with a pair of scissors, but just cuts off part of her hair and leaves. Later, he tells her he wants to talk to her, and had her motherthe principal, and the counselor come in so she could admit to being raped. But she tells them Mr. Simpson was making sexual advances towards her and everyone believed her.

She tries to get Peter to have sex with her, but he was disgusted and left so she went to have sex with Johnny on the roof. Manny found her and started to talk to her, and Darcy attempts to throw herself off the roof, but Manny grabs her and then Darcy starts to cry in Manny's arms.

Sub Plot

Meanwhile, Jimmy is tired of leaning on Ashley for everything and it doesn't help their struggling relationship when his new physio buddy Trina is there to help him become more independent, leaving Jimmy with a tough decision to make. Jimmy and Trina get closer and when Ashley sees Trina giving Jimmy a ride to school, Ashley is angered. When she tries to talk to Jimmy, he says she was just a crutch and they break up.