Logan was an intern for Miles Hollingsworth II during the summer of 2014. With his girlfriend Gloria Chin, they staged her kidnapping and tried to ransom her for money, so that they could run away together. He was portrayed by Seamus Patterson.

Character History

Season 14

In Don't Look Back, he is an intern for Miles Hollingsworth II, which is where he meets Frankie Hollingsworth. Logan grows close to Frankie on purpose, knowing that she is attracted to him. When his girlfriend goes missing, Frankie offers to give him $10,000, her and Hunter's birthday money, so that Logan could give Gloria's kidnappers money in exchange for her. Shortly after he gets the money, Logan disappears, and Frankie frantically tries to get in contact with him. It is revealed that Gloria and Logan staged her kidnapping, and they were trying to get $5,000 more than Frankie. However, Logan's plan was ruined when Maya Matlin follows Gloria, and they kidnap her as well. Logan planned to leave Maya for dead in the woods and run away with Gloria, but Maya's friends figure out where she is being held and call the police. Logan and Gloria are arrested, and Maya is saved.


  • He pretended to fall in love with Frankie, so that she would be more willing to give him money.
  • He and Gloria had been dating for 3 months at the time of Don't Look Back.
  • Gloria's parents did not approve of Logan.
  • He and Gloria were sent to juvie for faking her kidnapping and trying to swindle Gloria's parents and Frankie out of money.