Lola-Yael Friendship
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General Information
Nickname Yola
Intimacy Level Friends
Friendship Started #IWokeUpLikeThis (1702)
Friendship Status Friends
The friendship between Lola Pacini and Yael Baron began during the seventeenth season of Degrassi: Next Class.

Friendship History


Lola and Yael began a friendship when Lola was brought onto the All Inclusive Vlog team by Baaz. Although they are polar opposites, the girls get along very well, with little to no disagreement. Yael was Lola's only support through her abortion, and helped her film her story about it after, to help women and girls struggling with the same decision.

Season 17

In #IWokeUpLikeThis, Baaz hires Lola as a makeup and fashion consultant to help Yael boost views for their all-inclusive vlog channel . Later on, Lola applies Yael's make-up in order to make Yael more appealing to both male and female viewers. Yael is clearly uncomfortable with the makeup, implying that it isn't natural and that people should like her just the way she is. When Yael films her nail art tutorial, she ends up exclaiming that girls who put extensive amounts of time into their appearence are stupid. In class, Yael asks Lola for a pen and Lola replies "aren't you worried I might accidentally pass you a banana?" in regards to Yael's claims on her vlog. Yael argues with Lola and Frankie about why girls wear makeup. Yael says that it's the patriarchy oppressing women, while Lola and Frankie respond that they do it because it makes them feel good about themselves. During Yael's meeting with the gamer club, she reveals that she realizes that there is more than one kind of girl and that she hired Lola to do the make-up and fashion videos. Baaz and Vijay get up to welcome Lola while Hunter follows behind, then Yael glances at them talking.

In #Unsubscribe, after Hunter, Baaz, and Vijay scheme to fire Lola, they have a meeting with Yael. When Yael notices that Lola's vlogs are costing a lot of money to make while not generating profit, she votes to fire Lola. Later, Hunter and Baaz spot Yael and Lola talking. While talking to Hunter, Yael explains to him that Lola was telling her that she hadn't finished the slides on their history presentation. After Hunter apologizes to Yael, she tells him that she is not jealous of Lola, claiming that she knows he has better taste than that.

In #IRegretNothing,


  • They are both friends with Baaz and Vijay.
  • Lola gave Yael's boyfriend, Hunter, a boner.
  • They are both on good terms with Miles and Frankie.