The conflict between Luke Baker and every Degrassi student he came into contact with developed throughout Season 12 and Season 13.

Conflict History


During his brief time on the series, Luke took on the role of an antagonist. He has participated in vandalism, bullying, fighting, hazing, and sexually harassing other students. His conflict with everyone came to a climax in Unbelievable, when he and Neil Martin were arrested for the sexual assault of Zoë Rivas.

List of Conflicts


  • Out of all the characters in Degrassi history, he is the character to have the most conflicts.
  • His own sister, Becky Baker, was the one who turned him into the police for his crime against Zoë Rivas, and as a result, he is to spend two years in juvenile detention.
  • Alli, Tori, Miles, and Maya have not had a direct conflict with Luke, but have a conflict with him because of actions he has done to others.
  • First Conflict to have a character to be hated by the whole school.