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Luke-Neil Friendship
General Information
Intimacy Level Friends, Former Teammates, Prison Mates
Friendship Started Before Unbelievable (1323-24)
Friendship Status Friends

The friendship between Luke Baker and Neil Martin started possibly prior to Basket Case.

Friendship History

Season 13

In Basket Case, they both brought the beer to Miles's party. They later sexually assaulted a drunk Zoë Rivas off-screen.

In Unbelievable, when Imogen and Becky sent messages to the basketball team, saying they know they were the ones who assault Zoë, they both were the only ones who reacted and later that episode they both get arrested.

In Believe (1), they both were in court for the trial.

In Believe (2), they both were convicted for the distribution of child pornography and sexual assault.


  • They gang raped Zoë Rivas.
  • They were both members of the Degrassi Basketball Team.
  • Luke and Neil got two years in jail.
  • Both were sent to jail.
  • They are possibly cellmates.


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