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Luke Bilyk
Birth Name Luke Barry Bilyk
Date of Birth November 10, 1994 (age 20)
Place of Birth Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Brown
Occupation(s) Actor
Website Luke Bilyk Official Website


IMDb Luke Bilyk
Twitter lukebilyk1

Luke Barry Bilyk (born November 10th, 1994) is a Canadian actor, best known for his role on Degrassi as Drew Torres. He also starred in My Babysitter's A Vampire with former Degrassi stars Cassie Steele, Jamie Johnston, and Vanessa Morgan. He has appeared in many episodes of the hit TV show, The Latest Buzz, as one of the magazine's journalists. He has also appeared in an episode of the Canadian drama, Flashpoint, and played Luke on the show Really Me. He has been casted in Tufford Kennedy's film, The Cycle of Broken Grace

Recently, he joined the cast for the last season of the televison series Lost Girl. In MTV's 10 On Top, Luke said that he and Munro Chambers are the closest on set. Luke is also good friends with Daniel KellyAJ Saudin, Chloe Rose, Aislinn Paul, Sam Earle, Cristine Prosperi, Melinda ShankarRicardo Hoyos, Alicia Josipovic, and Lyle Lettau.


  • Luke is a Scorpio.
  • On his Twitter, he confirmed that he is of German and Italian ethnicity.
  • His favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio.
  • He plays hockey, his old number being 13.
  • He thinks Bianca is the most compatible with Drew, out of all the girls he has dated. (source)
  • His favorite color is aqua blue and/or orange.
  • Luke has three sisters.
  • He has a crush on the former Degrassi star, Cassie Steele.
  • He is the youngest out of his siblings.
  • Luke has four nephews; Degan, Miles, Jaxon, and Marcus.
  • He's frequently compared to Taylor Lautner and he has stated that he is "flattered" by it.
  • He was rumored to be dating Alicia Josipovic, but has since stated that they are only "best friends."
  • Luke has stated that he and Sam Earle are like brothers.
  • Hockey and soccer are his favorite sports.
  • He is homeschooled.
  • Himself, Munro ChambersDaniel KellyJustin Kelly, and Alicia Josipovic created a fake family—the Italian Mafia family.


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