Lync was a camp counselor at Red Pine Ascent Program for Troubled Teens. He was portrayed by Darren Hynes.

Character History

Season 7

In Bust a Move (1), he is introduced by fellow counselor Spirit Bear.

During the exercises, he normally takes the backseat role behind Spirit Bear, who leads the activities. He intently listens to Johnny DiMarco's confession during the therapy session.

Later, Lync is the one to catch Peter and Darcy after they had sex. As punishment for sneaking off, everyone had to wake up one hour earlier the next day.

In Bust a Move (2), Lync drags Peter away from Darcy while they were talking. He later leads the blindfolded campers through the woods, and is present when the campers read letters from the parents.

He claps and looks happy for Darcy when she successfully completes the trust exercise.


  • It is unknown if Lync is his real name or rebirth name.