Madame Cliquet is the director of the Paris trip and a teacher at the institute that the Degrassi Community School students occupied in Paris.

Character History

Season 13

In All I Wanna Do, she urges the Degrassi students to treat Paris as their classroom and to go and have fun. She later checks in on the students to make sure they're studying.

In My Own Worst Enemy, she walks into the room of students on the Paris trip, and Miles Hollingsworth III translates that she wants the students to buy French food for the class to sample. She assigns the class to go out in groups of two. Later, she gives Alli a C for her presentation, but she gives Alli the chance to redo the assignment.

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Madame Cliquet soaked with water.

In About a Girl, Maya dumps a bucket of water on her that was meant for Miles and Zoë. Madame Cliquet was drenched and sentences Maya and Tristan to detention, which consisted of them scrubbing the floors.

In Cannonball, she watches as Maya and Tristan give their presentation over French crime and punishment, and seems pleased with their report.

In Honey, she tells the class about their final project will be going to a fancy French restaurant. She informs them not to wear clothing that appears to be vulgar and is primarily saying it to Winston. At the restaurant, she tells Maya and Tristan to sit by Miles and Zoë. When Alli arrives late, she deducts 20% until Leo convinces her that it's his fault and doesn't deduct any points. When the students leave Paris, she kisses everyone on the cheek goodbye, including Tristan and Maya.