Madison Grant was a camper at the Degrassi Panther Summer Camp. She was an Iguana with Colton and counselors Adam Torres and Imogen Moreno. She is portrayed by Saara Chaudry.

Character History

Season 13

In Summertime, she does not initially want to be an Iguana, but is still put in that group. During the activity, she says that she likes monkeys, and seems to enjoy herself.She is shown to be caring when she questions Imogen for skipping Adam.

In My Own Worst Enemy, Madison does not want to be partners with Colton for the race, but Clare convinces them to group up with her. When Clare is unable to complete the race because she has overexerted herself and made herself sick, Colton and Madison are disappointed that they lost. They give Clare her participation trophy, and ask her if she is sick. Colton coughs in her face, and Clare yells at him, before Drew quickly ushers the kids away.

In About a Girl, Colton claims that Madison is his girlfriend, and he leaves his group to look for her after Adam tells him about Todd, because he wanted to make sure that Madison didn't have a 'Todd'.

In Cannonball, Colton and Madison get married during a camp trip. Imogen is her maid of honor.

In Honey, She is mentioned by Colton as he gives Drew the "Get well" cards she and Colton made for Adam.


  • (To Drew): "I don't wanna be an iguana." (First line) - Summertime


  • She has appeared in 5 episodes.