Marcus was a minor character appearing in the seventh season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. He attended the same physical therapist as Jimmy Brooks and helped inspire Jimmy to get stem cell surgery after it worked successfully for him. Marcus seemed to be on friendly terms with Jimmy and Trina. He was portrayed by Marcel Jones.

Character History

Season 7

In Broken Wings, at the physical therapist's office, Jimmy sees Marcus walking, and is surprised that he is able to, implying. Jimmy asks what kind of "crazy miracle pill" he took and where he could get it, leading him to tell Jimmy that he got his legs back from stem cell surgery. He asks Trina if she got in touch with the doctor in Amsterdam, who would perform the surgery on Trina. While Jimmy and Trina continue talking, Marcus continues to walk and test his legs, while grasping onto the bars.

While talking to Spinner Mason about stem cells, Jimmy mentions Marcus, saying two months ago there was a guy in his physio who was in a wheelchair, but could now walk after having stem cell surgery. Jimmy also mentions him to his father, and he tells Jimmy that maybe Marcus was just lucky.