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Full Name Mary
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Family Babybear (Pet)
First Episode Moonlight Desires (419)
Last Episode Moonlight Desires (419)
Episode Count 1
Portrayed By Eve Crawford
Mary was an unruly customer at The Dot. She is the the owner of Babybear. She is portrayed by Eve Crawford.

Character History

Season 4

In Moonlight Desires, Spinner Mason brings the group of ladies their drinks, though Mary is picky about the fact he didn't include lemons in the water. Spinner tells her that she cannot bring her dog, Babybear, into the restaurant, though Mary blows off his comment, saying that she didn't hear anyone complaining. Despite Spinner going off his shift soon, she asks him to bring them the lunch menus, lemon for their waters, and a bowl for her dog.

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