Max was a student at Degrassi Junior High School. Along with his friend, Scooter Webster, he was a grade 6 student who arrived at Degrassi in January 1988 as an advanced placement student in the Grade 7 class. Max was portrayed by Joshua Whitehead.

Degrassi Junior High

Starts as: Grade 7

After Scooter and Max are called nerds by Arthur Kobalewsky and Yick Yu, they decide to emulate Rick Munro in order to be cool. After they discover Rick smokes, Max steals cigarettes from his father so they can try them. They smoke the cigarettes in the boys' restroom but feel sick afterwards and decide smoking must not be cool after all.

Max can later be seen dancing with the other seventh and eighth graders at the end of the year dance.


  • Like Scooter, he played Dungeons & Dragons.