The love triangle between Maya Matlin, Miles Hollingsworth III, and Tristan Milligan started in Wise Up when Maya found out about the relationship between Miles and Tristan. In Season 13, they all hung out as a group of friends, but Tristan and Miles's friendship with Maya ended near the end of that season.

Love Triangle History

Season 14

In Wise Up, Miles is walking in the halls, and Maya tries to ask him what's going on with him. Miles walks into the boy's locker room, and Maya follows him, asking if he was dating Tristan to hurt her.

In (You Drive Me) Crazy, Maya goes to Miles house to check in on him becouse he didn't come to school. He was asleep and when Maya woke him up it's revealed that he simply had a cold. Tristan walks in thinking something going on between them and yells at Maya, saing that she's a bitch and trying to flirt with Miles. Maya still tries to find out what's wrong but Miles tells her to get out of his house. When she doesn't give up Zig and Grace drag her away.

In Hero vs. Villain, Tristan is seen talking to Winston about how his plan to gain Miles forgiveness didn't work out. Though Miles stayed for suprise lunch, he wasn't talking and Tristan says that he can't figure out why. Winston then tells him that he may have an idea. They look at Miles standing in the corner smiling softly and looking at Maya, who's laughing and goofing of with some girl. Later on Tristan breaks up with Miles, becouse he sees that he's still in love with his ex. Miles silence is taken as a confirmation and Tristan walks away, thus ending their relationship and the love triangle is resolved.


  • Started: Wise Up (1402)
  • Ended: Hero vs. Villain (1410)
    • Reason: Tristan realized that Miles still has feelings for Maya and breaks up with him.


  • They were all best friends at some point.
  • They have all kissed each other at different times.
    • Maya has stage kissed Tristan, when he wanted to appear straight during summer vacation in France.
    • Miles and Maya kissed when they dated.
    • Tristan kissed Miles, and then they were dating.
  • They were all members of the French Club.