Melanie was a minor character appearing in one episode during the seventh season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. She was Jermaine Brooks' secretary. She and Mr. Brooks had an affair, even though he was still married to Mrs. Brooks. She was portrayed by Kathy Maloney.

Character History

Season 7

In Broken Wings, when Jimmy goes to his father's office to talk about getting stem cell surgery, Melanie greets Jimmy, asking where he has been, saying she hasn't seem him around the office in ages. Jimmy says, "Not since the...", referring to the shooting, and she simply responds that it was nice to see him, before handing Jermaine several papers and leaving.


Melanie and her affair with Jermaine.

That night, Jimmy goes to his father's office to tell him he is interested in the summer internship, but instead Jimmy sees Melanie hugging and kissing his father. As his father was still married to his mother, Jimmy discovers his father's affair, and loses all respect for Jermaine.

Jimmy reveals his father's secret about Melanie to Trina, and Jimmy says that after all this time, he has tried to live up to the standards of a man who doesn't have any. Jimmy's discovery of Jermaine's affair with Melanie leads Jimmy to take action to take what rightfully belongs to him. Jimmy sneaks into his father's office and steals his signature, in order to withdraw money from his trust fund to get the stem cell surgery performed.

Jimmy later confronts Jermaine about his affair when Jermaine comes to Degrassi to talk to him about the money withdrawal from Jimmy's trust fund. Upon being confronted, Jermaine looks shocked when Jimmy says that he saw him with Melanie. Jermaine denies knowing what he is talking about, merely stating they were just "working late". Jimmy tells Jermaine that he isn't an idiot, as he saw Melanie all over him, and Jermaine didn't seem to mind. Jermaine tries to create an excuse for himself, but then just tells Jimmy to return the money to the account.

Later, at a family dinner, Jimmy blackmails his father into allowing him to get the stem cell surgery so that Jimmy would not tell his mother about Jermaine's affair. Upon Mrs. Brooks asking the two of them if they have any more secrets to share, Jimmy and Jermaine share a look, but Jimmy does not tell his mother.

It is not known if Jermaine and Melanie's affair continues past this episode.