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Full Name Melinda
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Job Student
Affiliation(s) Friendship Club
First Episode Redemption Song (510)
Last Episode I Against I (514)
Reason Unknown
Episode Count 2
Portrayed By Ashley Newbrough
Melinda was a minor character appearing in two episodes of the fifth season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. She was a member of Friendship Club along with Darcy Edwards and Spinner Mason.

Character History

Season 5

Jay trying to pick up a girl

Jay hits on Melinda.

In Redemption Song, she attends the Friendship Club retreat. When Jay Hogart arrives to pick up Spinner, he decides to stay instead of driving Spinner back, so that he could try and sleep with Melinda. She falls for Jay's blatant lies, causing Darcy to describe her as "not the sharpest tool in the shed."

In I Against I, she sits in the background of the Friendship Club meeting about stopping Marco Del Rossi's safe sex campaign.


  • Jay: "My dad just couldn't take it anymore, so he just took off on his hog."
    Melinda: "And your mom, is she okay?"
    Jay: "Well, I helped her through her painkiller addiction, but, once she was in drug rehab, it was like, I was addicted, addicted to helping people."
    Melinda: "Really?"
    Jay: "Yeah."
    Melinda: "So, that's why you left school?"
    Jay: "And, headed down to South America, yes to the mountains of Ecuador. I built a church, and a one room school, and a well. It just, it felt so good, you know?" - Redemption Song

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