Meredith Fox is the editor of Muse magazine.

Character History

Season 13

In You Oughta Know, she calls Clare Edwards into the magazine office because she was impressed with her writing style. She didn't want to hear Clare's original pitch about how the financial crisis was affecting the youth, but liked Clare's pitch about writing an article about Zoë Rivas. She asked if Clare could get her a draft of the article to her by that night.

In Everything You've Done Wrong, Meredith greets Clare, and tells her that she loves her article. She reveals that if things work out with Clare's article about Zoë, then Clare could possibly become a monthly contributor for the magazine. Meredith reminds her to fact check the article, and asks if Zoë could come the next day. Later, Clare shows up to the office without Zoë and reveals that she faked her article. This angers Meredith since Clare put her reputation on the line, but Meredith gives her another chance after Clare explains that she has cancer. She tells Clare that even though she made a mistake, she doesn't deserve to have her career destroyed over it.