Michael Raye only appeared in Degrassi Goes Hollywood. He was first seen with Jason Mewes when they auditioned people for Mewesical High. He is portrayed by Michael Seater.

Character History

Season 8

In Degrassi Goes Hollywood, Michael came with Jason Mewes to try and find a Degrassi girl to star in the movie and a singer or band. When Stüdz plays, Michael constantly hits on Mia asking for her number. He can't even concentrate on the band playing. When Peter tells Jason that Mia is his girlfriend, Michael makes it no secret that he thinks Mia is hot. When Manny auditions terribly, Michael tells Jason that he thinks that Manny is never gonna get the audition down. After the audition, Michael continues to hit on Mia in front of Peter and Peter hits him.

When Paige doesn't know her lines, Michael points it out. When they are rehearsing the 'falling in love' scene, Michael points out that he isn't 'feeling' Paige. At the end of the movie, Michael ends up starring in the movie with Manny as his Trixie.