Michael "Mike" Betenkamp was a science teacher at Degrassi Community School, and is Wesley Betenkamp's uncle. He is portrayed by Jonas Chernick.

Character History

Season 10

In Still Fighting It (1), Mike can be seen speaking to Drew about his atrocious grades. When Wesley made his joke about "larvae-ing" science, Mike awkwardly laughed.

In Don't Let Me Get Me, Mike can be seen coaching the Science Team, which featured Adam, Wesley, Connor, and Alli.

Season 11

In Drop It Like It's Hot (1), he drops his nephew Wesley off at Degrassi. Wesley asks him to teach him how to drive and also asks him how long it would be until he could drive Hannah home. He replies that it will take at least 6 months. He is seen teaching his class about Rube Goldberg Machines. After school Wesley takes his car to drop Hannah Belmont home.

In Drop It Like It's Hot (2), he tells Wesley that he can't give him driving practice in the afternoon. Later when he figures out his nephew stole his car he confronts Wesley and asks him why he did it. Wesley said it was to impress Hannah. He tells Wesley that he won't be able to get his license for at least three years. He deems the Rube Goldberg created by Wesley, Hannah and Liam Berish to be the best in the class, and it can be presumed that they progressed onto the city-wide competition.

In Dead and Gone (1), he is seen telling the new grade niners about science. This was his final appearance.