The friendship between Miles Hollingsworth III and Grace Cardinal developed during the third season of Degrassi: Next Class.

Friendship History


Season 13

In Barely Breathing, Miles takes Maya to Grace, and pays her for the information about who made the hate page for Maya, which turned out to be Zoë Rivas.

In Close to Me, when Zig is called to have his locker searched for drugs, Grace accuses Miles of narcing on Zig, and reveals to Maya that he was the one who did it. After Miles admitted to telling on Zig, Grace walks away in disgust.

Season 14

In Don't Look Back, at a get together outside, Grace and Zoë lay in the grass and talk. When Miles joins them, Zoë suggests a threesome (which interests Miles) but this idea disgusts Grace.

Degrassi: Next Class

Season 3

In #WorstGiftEver, Miles begins collaborating with Grace and Jonah to create a play inspired by the bus crash. Miles writes the script while Grace and Jonah compose music for the play.

Season 4

In #KThxBye, while Grace and Maya reminisce on the first time they met, Miles lightheartedly chimes in that he used to date Maya until she broke his heart. 


  • They both have slept with Zoë but only Miles had a relationship with her.
  • Miles had a conflict with Zig, Grace's best friend.
  • They worked on the play i.m.hope together.
  • Both of them are friends with Maya and Tristan, but only Miles dated both of them.