"Some things we have the power to change."
— Ms. Hatzilakos

“Mirror in the Bathroom”
Season 2, Episode 9
Can. Airdate

November 17, 2002

U.S. Airdate

July 18, 2002

Prod. Code



James Hurst (story)
Claire Ross Dunn (story)
Brendon Yorke (teleplay)


Paul Fox

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Mirror in the Bathroom is the ninth episode of Season 2 of the Canadian television series, Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Episode Overview

Toby is sick of feeling invisible to everyone and being known as a geek, so to restart his image he tries out for the Degrassi wrestling team. At first Toby's weight division puts him up against Sean (as Toby's fat puts him on the same weight level given to Sean by his height and muscle), and Toby loses badly. What is he gonna do about it? Toby goes to desperate measures to lose weight and it may end badly.

Sub Plot

Meanwhile, Paige and Hazel notice Terri's sudden windfall of expensive things, like a new cell phone. They are initially suspicious and think that Terri has been stealing, until they see her in an advertisement for a national plus-sized modeling campaign. As Paige, Hazel and Spinner congratulate Terri, a boy named Mohammed walks by and mocks her weight.

  • This episode is named after the song "Mirror in the Bathroom" by The Beat.

Mohammed (to Terri): Hey, it's the "More of Everything" girl! I think you should join the sumo team. Seriously.
Terri (starts to walk away, but she turns back around; to Mohammed): Hey! Most girls on the planet look like this, so get used to it!
Paige: No kidding.
Terri: I made $500 today as plus-sized model! Yeah, plus-sized. What do you make, ice cream boy?