Missy Stone is a minor character appearing in the seventh season of Degrassi: The Next Generation. She is the wife of Troy Stone, the mother of Angel Stone, and the stepmother of Peter Stone. She was portrayed by Ursula Campbell. She only makes one appearance in the series.

Character History


Troy quickly gets over his relationship with Daphne, and gets together with a woman named Missy. When the two were dating, Missy became pregnant with Troy's baby and Peter's half-sister. The two later marry and raise their child together.

Season 7


Missy with her fiancé.

In We Built This City, Missy is heavily pregnant with Troy's child. Missy comments that they left the casino to meet up with Peter. He asks the two if he can move in with them to avoid moving to Regina. Missy and Troy tell him there wouldn't be enough room for him and the baby, so they are forced to say no, much to Peter's disappointment.

Season 8

In Heat of the Moment, Troy mentions that Missy is off in Vegas when he has Peter babysit Angel for him.


  • She likes to gamble.
  • She and Troy have presumably married since her last appearance.
  • She's the first "Missy" in Degrassi. The second is Missy Parker.