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Monster Moon was a Degrassi Mini with a Halloween-centric theme that aired during Season 10. It aired over a period of four nights, from October 25-28th, 2010.



Part 1

As the Monster Moon rises high above Degrassi’s Halloween dance, the students are in for some surprising twists and turns. During the full moon Sav turns into a monster and kills off Anya while Wesley can't believe he turned into Holly J.

Part 2

With the dance in full swing, Eli tries to spend some time alone with Clare in a deserted hallway; Clare has plans of her own, though.

Part 3

Zane is upset when Riley deviates from their matching costume plans.

Part 4

Fiona may be beautiful, but she’s one terrible mime with a dark secret. Could it be that Drew can on the night of the dance tempt her into revealing her true nature?



Part 1

  • Sav: Aghhhhhh!!!
  • Anya: Sav?
  • Wesley: Stupid full moon. This sucks!!

Part 2

  • Eli: "My oh my Clare Edwards, when you told me you were going to be a zombie for the dance I didn't think you'd look so... rapturous."
  • Eli: "Well hellooooo! You're a feisty little undead minx aren't you?"
  • Clare: "Are you serious? I am TRYING to eat you! Don't you see this is not supposed to be sexy?"
  • Eli: "Do you wanna cuddle first?" Clare: "Ugh." Eli: "C'mon, I'll let you eat my brain. It'll be HOT."
  • Eli: (while Clare is biting him) "Oh. Uh. Oh yeah, Clare oh."

Part 3

  • Zane: "Are you serious? Just the other days when we both decided to wear matching gladiator costumes."
  • Zane: "What were you thinking Riley, what?"
  • Riley: "I was gonna kill you."
  • Zane: "Always thinking about yourself."
  • Riley: "I'm an idiot. Forgive me."
  • Zane & Riley: Mime!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 4

  • Fiona : "This is the lamest dance ever."
  • Fiona : "I went to a school in Belgium where they flew the entire student body to Transylvania for Halloween."
  • Fiona : "My God, you're beautiful."
  • Drew : "I know. What are you suppose to be?"
  • Fiona : "A mime"
  • Drew : "It's intoxicating."
  • Fiona : "Sorry, darling, but I'm not one for PDA."
  • Fiona : "Fiona Coyne: Man eater."


Degrassi Halloween Mini Monster Moon - Part 100:36

Degrassi Halloween Mini Monster Moon - Part 1

Part 1

Degrassi Halloween Mini Monster Moon - Part 200:36

Degrassi Halloween Mini Monster Moon - Part 2

Part 2

Degrassi Halloween Mini Monster Moon - Part 300:36

Degrassi Halloween Mini Monster Moon - Part 3

Part 3

Degrassi Halloween Mini Monster Moon - Part 400:35

Degrassi Halloween Mini Monster Moon - Part 4

Part 4

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