Eli getting out of Morty.

was Eli Goldsworthy's vintage hearse. Eli crashed Morty in an attempt to keep Clare Edwards from leaving him. This action failed, scaring Clare off.


  • Mortimer "Morty" Goldsworthy is a 1962 Miller Meteor-bodied Cadillac hearse and was driven by Eli.
  • It has fake generic plates in early episodes. Later on, it has fake Ontario ones.
  • Eli meets Clare and Alli when he runs over Clare's glasses with Morty in Breakaway (2).
  • This is where Clare learns about Julia (Eli's dead ex-girlfriend).
  • Eli told Clare about Julia after driving her, in Morty, to the spot where Julia's death took place.
  • Morty is one of the reasons why other students thinks Eli is obsessed with death.
  • The rivalry between Fitz and Eli starts when Fitz tears off Morty's hood ornament during Try Honesty (1).
  • Morty breaks down constantly, making Eli a pretty good mechanic.
  • Because Morty breaks down often, Eli and Adam needed a ride to the Dead Hand concert, and encouraged Sav to "borrow" his dad's truck.
  • There is a smiley face hanging from the rearview mirror and a skull hanging in the back window.
  • Eli is seen working on him a lot, which helps keeps his mind off of Clare and how much he really does like her, as seen in Still Fighting It (1).
  • Stephen Stohn has tweeted that the actors "are not particularly fond of shooting [scenes] in Morty."
  • On "Ten on Top," Luke, who plays Drew, and Munro, who plays Eli, said "Aislinn Paul hates this thing."
  • When Eli is teaching Clare how to drive Morty, she almost runs over Fitz in Jesus, Etc. (1).
  • Eli crashed Morty in Drop the World (2) as a desperate act to keep Clare from leaving him.
  • Morty's owner is from Newfoundland. Epitome rented or leased it from the owner and returned the car after it was written out of the show; this explains both the fake plates and the offscreen crash.
  • Morty was the much hyped "death" in Drop the World (2).
  • Morty is the second car to be vandalized, the first being Spinner Mason's car The Love Mobile.
  • The crash occurred offscreen, so the actual car was not demolished.
  • In-series, Morty did not get repaired and was likely totaled completely, its front sheetmetal being unique to the professional-car chassis; even if a normal 1962 Cadillac sedan, coupe or convertible could be found as a donor car the needed parts wouldn't fit.