Mr. Bane is the Science teacher during Degrassi Community School's summer session. He was portrayed by Scott Thompson.

Character History

Season 14

In Don't Look Back, he is the summer Science teacher of Zoë, Grace, Hunter, Shay, and Tristan. Zoë asks Mr. Bane about transcranial direct current stimulation, and says the science isn't there, mentioning any home experiment would be a placebo at best. Mr. Bane leads a field trip to go look at meteor showers. Tristan thinks Mr. Bane is interested in Zoë, so she lowers her shirt in front of him. Mr. Bane effectively kicks Zoë out of the after hours group.

Zoë and Grace try to look for Mr. Bane in his office, but see a video of Gloria Chin in his office, leading them to believe that he was responsible for kidnapping the missing girls. They break into his car to look for evidence, but end up trapped in his car. Zoë ends up accidentally leaving her bracelet in the back of his trunk. Mr. Bane shows up the next class say, saying it was questionable why the police were asking him about Gloria Chin, though they did not find anything connecting him to her disappearance. Mr. Bane returns Zoë's bracelet to her at the end of the summer, and says she solved the Gloria Chin case before he did.


  • Zoë, Grace, and Tristan thought he was potentially behind the disappearance of Gloria Chin, but he was really interested in solving the case.
  • He was the 3rd person rumored of being a pedophile. The others are Coach Armstrong, Mr. Simpson, and Peter Stone.