Mr. Cameron is the father of Sean and Tracker Cameron. He lives in Wasaga Beach with his wife, Mrs. Cameron, and Sean's dog Charlie. Mr. Cameron was portrayed by Shawn Lawrence.

Character History

Season 4

In Back In Black, when Mr. Cameron sees Sean at their door, he asks him, "So, when are the cops getting here?" right away.

Sean's mother tells him to ignore him. Mr. Cameron is disbelieving that after four years of no contact that Sean is here "just for kicks."

Mrs. Cameron says that sending Sean to Toronto was the best thing they ever did since it kept him out of jail.


Mr. Cameron finally reunited with his son, Sean, in season 4.

Sean explains to his parents what happened with Rick Murray and how he thinks he might have killed him. Mr. and Mrs. Cameron hug Sean, who had begun crying. Sean decides to move in with his parents after this encounter.


In Message in a Bottle, after Tracker turns down a job because of his pride, Sean says that he sounds just like their father after he would lose a job.

Tracker says that he used to take all of their money and blow it on booze which he does not do. Sean later mentions that his parents are drunks.