Mr. Delacorte was the single widowed father of L.D. Delacorte a student who attended Degrassi Junior High from September 1986 until June 1989 and then later on Degrassi High from September 1989 until June 1991. He was a car mechanic who ran his own service station who worked very hard on his life's work, but didn't always take very good care of his health until a trip to the hospital became a wake up call.

Character History

Original Degrassi: Season 1


A photograph of his wife.

Mr. Delacorte was first seen in Nothing to Fear. Some years before the events of the episode when his daughter was very young, his wife died from cancer and he went on as a single parents raising his daughter all by himself while running his own auto mechanic business in his garage with his assistant Jeff. He didn't take very good care of himself he would spend long hours in the garage without getting enough fresh air outside and he smoked. He and L.D. were very close but he began to worry that his daughter was growing up to be too much of a tomboy, dressing in jeans, plaid shirts and ball caps instead of wearing dresses and skirts and her steady interest in fixing cars with him and jeff. In fact that afternoon they were going to fix Joey Jeremiah's father car's transmission and she wanted to help them, but he wanted her to clean the kitchen instead and try to learn how to grow up and become a proper young lady and to stop wearing ball caps all the time. Just after L.D left for school that day he and Jeff were about to get back to the work they were doing on the vehicle in the garage when suddenly he felt a sharp severe pain in his chest and he asked Jeff to call the doctor for him. He was then admitted to the hospital. When L.D. came home from school that afternoon she was in shock to find out from Jeff that just after she left for school that day something horrible happened to him and he was now in the hospital. This was because just before she left for the school that day they had a little disagreement and she mutttered under her breath " drop dead" and now something horrible had happened.

Mr. Delacorte's assistant Jeff.

Jeff tried to calm her down and tell her that he would be okay. Also Jeff tried to convince L.D. to go and visit him in the hospital but she wouldn't she had one excuse after another such as she needed to clean the kitchen etc. The truth was she was afraid to go to the hospital. This was because she remembered the horrible devastating experience of when she was little from when her mother went to the hospital and never came back and now she felt the same was going to happen to him too. She tried to visit him at the hospital and to bring him flowers but she was haunted by her upsetting memories and when she saw a nurse going by with a deceased patient she couldn't stand to be there any longer and had the nurse bring up the flowers to him. Next she called him at a pay phone he still didn't yet know what was wrong with him but he assured her that he was strong as an ox and he would be back home soon and he hoped that the kitchen was nice and clean. The next day some friends of L.D. Voula and Spike brought him some flowers to help cheer him up. Then the next day after that L.D. finally faced her fears and went to the hospital and went right to his hospital room at first she worried when she saw that his hospital bed was now made like new and not being used anymore, but she was estatic to see him come back into the room all dressed and ready to go home. She told him "You're alive! and hugged him in a sigh of great relief. He assured her that he was okay and that he had developed some angina and need to start taking better care of his health.

Season 4

In Just Friends He was now very upset. First his wife died from cancer and now L.D. was going for chemotherapy for leukemia. But as upset as he was he too knew that he had to be strong and stood by his daughter's side and encouraged her not to give up and too be strong and and they were going get through it together as a family.

Season 5

In Bad Blood, Part One he wasn't seen but it was mentioned that with L.D. in remission from just after a few months of cancer treatment that he decided that life was too short to choose to not to do what you want so he decided sell his house and his garage and bought a boat and took L.D. sailing down the islands,