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Mr. Falcone
Full Name Mr. Falcone
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Job Driving instructor
First Episode This Charming Man (313)
Last Episode This Charming Man (313)
Reason He was not seen again.
Episode Count 1
Portrayed By Jim Thorburn
Mr. Falcone was the driving instructor of Paige Michalchuk, Spinner Mason, and Jimmy Brooks. Paige developed a crush on him due to his good looks, which caused Spinner, her boyfriend at the time, to become jealous. He was portrayed by Jim Thorburn.

Character History

Season 3

In This Charming Man, due to the other driving classes being full, Mr. Falcone is placed as their driving instructor. Upon first sight of him, Paige develops a crush on him, and she becomes nervous in presence, resulting in her driving poorly. Spinner and Jimmy proceed to tease Paige about the next day, and Hazel whispers to her in class that rumor is that Mr. Falcone is quite the looker, though Paige tells her that she hadn't noticed. Hazel figures out that Paige is attracted to their teacher, and she subtly points this out in front of their friends.

Spinner becomes upset when he realizes she likes him, and angrily walks away from Paige. While Spinner is on the driving course, he angrily lashes out at Mr. Falcone, and Spinner ends up crashing the student driver's vehicle due to his lack of attention to the road. Paige later apologizes to Spinner, and he reveals he switched their driving instructor back to their previous one.


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