Mr. Grivogiannis is the father of Voula Grivogiannis, whom he was very strict towards.

Character History

In The Big Dance, he was first seen at sitting at the kitchen table in the evening time proudly admiring the copy of the Degrassi Digest that Voula had written in and planned and organized. However he was not too happy when he saw that the issue included an advertisement for the big school dance.

Voula asked him if she could go to the dance, but he then refused to let her because he felt she was too young. Later the next day during dinner time in the evening he wasn't happy to see his daughter wearing some lipstick, feeling she was also too young to begin wearing make up and forced her to wipe it off.

Then Voula lied to him telling him that the school was having a night time drop in meeting on the upcoming Saturday night to help sponsor a foster child, to which he saw no harm in attending a meeting decided to give her permission to go, she just had to be back home before 9:30pm or else he would have to go there and get her himself. He was completely unaware that his own daughter had lied to him and that there was no meeting but the big school dance was still on and she had lied to him so that she could go with her friends, meet new people and represent a check to sponsor a foster child.

Mr. g from good old classic degrassi

Mr. Grivogiannis furious to find out there was a dance after all instead of a meeting

The night of the dance he offered to drive Voula to school in which if he had done so he would have found out pretty fast that his daughter lied to him. So instead Voula told him he she was going to Lucy's to return some things she borrowed from her and since she was going to the meeting too they would go to it together. Then By the end of the evening since Voula was late over her curfew, he had to go to the school to go get her like he had promised to do and he found out there was no meeting and that Voula lied about the whole thing. He furiously held her by the arm and proceeded to bring them to the car to drive them home. When he and his daughter began to argue about rights and responsibilities, she told him it was for a good cause and apologized to him for lying to him and going out and against his wishes.

Mr g and mrs g getting voula from the police station

Mr. Grivogiannis and his wife picking up their daughter from the police

In What a Night!, he and his wife went to the police station to pick up their daughter after Voula and Lucy Fernandez were caught shoplifting at the shopping mall. Then he and his wife no longer wanted their daughter to talk to and associate with Lucy. Then soon after the family moved away. His wife Mrs. Grivogiannis was portrayed by Nancy Beltrame.