Mr. Kwan is the husband of Laura Kwan, Degrassi Community School's English teacher. He had cancer, which put him and his family under a lot of stress, but he has since recovered. He was never been on Degrassi: The Next Generation but was mentioned by his wife and Mr. Raditch.

Character History

Season 1

In Friday Night, Laura has been on edge and snapping at her students, particularly Jimmy Brooks and Spinner Mason. They decide to extract revenge on her by messing with her night classes and egging her car, which causes her to break down crying. The next day at school, Mr. Raditch reveals that Mr. Kwan is very ill, and from the pressure of that and her full-time job, Laura has taken a leave of absence.

In Under Pressure, Laura mentions that her husband is done with chemo and is getting better each day. Laura appears to be doing a lot happier since she has returned from her leave of absence.