Mr. Munro was the abusive single father of Rick Munro, a student who attended Degrassi Junior High School from September 1987 to June 1988. He was a stressed man and possibly an alcoholic who beat his son.

Character History

Original Degrassi: Season One

He only appeared in The Cover-Up. That morning, he was preparing to go to work and saw his son Rick eating breakfast and looking at a motorcycle magazine. Mr. Munro at first thought Rick's older brother Frank gave it to him, but it turned out that Rick took some bottles and turned them in to afford the magazine. This made Rick's father angry because they didn't have money to waste on things like that and also possibly, because the fact that Rick had found enough bottles to exchange for money to buy a magazine, implying the fact he might have been a heavy drinker might have offended him. When he tells Rick he had plans for that money to get out of town, Rick replies "Yeah right" angering Mr. Munro even further, to the point where he goes up to Rick and begins abusing him.

Later that day, Rick brings Joey to his house to sell him a jean jacket for photo day. Rick offers Joey a soda, there's two left in the fridge, so he takes them. Moments later Mr. Munro returns home to find his soda missing, which angers him. Mr. Munro tells Rick that they can't "afford to give stuff to every little punk that Rick knows". Rick pushes Joey out the door as Mr. Munro starts to beat him. Rick is seen going into his room crying on his bed, and Mr. Munro is heard outside of his room, asking for Rick's forgiveness. Mr. Munro isn't seen after this. Rick runs into a man from Children's Aid at the Jeremiahs' house later in the episode and Rick goes to live with his brother, Frank.