Mrs. Jones
Full Name Mrs. Jones
Gender Female
Hair Color Blonde
Family Unnamed Husband
Jack Jones (Daughter)
Relationships Unnamed Husband
First Episode Wishlist (1415)
Last Episode Wishlist (1415)
Reason Storyline ended
Episode Count 1
Portrayed By Claire Rankin
Mrs. Jones is the mother of Jack Jones. Jack is not out yet to her parents. She was portrayed by Claire Rankin.

Character History

Season 14

In Wishlist, she meets Imogen when Imogen stops by Jack's house to try and speak with her. Imogen almost reveals herself as Jack's girlfriend, but Jack quickly tells her mom that Imogen is her best friend instead. Mrs. Jones tells Imogen that Jack doesn't share much information about her school life with her and her husband. Jack tells her mom she needs to discuss homework with Imogen, and her mom goes inside to pull away groceries. Jack reveals to her girlfriend that she is not out yet to her parents. Mrs. Jones invites Imogen to come inside for some ice cream, but Imogen declines and leaves instead.


  • Mrs. Jones and her family previously lived in Germany, before moving to Canada.
  • She and her family moved around a lot because her husband is in the military.
  • It is unknown if she knows at this point, or will know in the future about her daughter being a lesbian.