Mrs. Murray was the mother of Rick Murray. She was a devoted mother to Rick and was very proud of him. She did not want Rick to transfer back to Degrassi Community School, but relented because Rick wanted to show everyone that he had changed. When her son was killed in the school shooting on October 31, 2004, she was absolutely devastated.

Character History

Season 3

In Don't Dream It's Over, Spinner Mason, upset over Terri MacGregor being put in the hospital, yanks Rick out of the car and hits him. Mrs. Murray rushes down the steps, carrying a box, telling Spinner to let him go. She pushes his arm off of her son, and tells both Spinner and Paige Michalchuk to stay away from Rick. She hands Rick his box with his stuff, which he presumably has because he's transferring districts.

Season 4


Mrs. Murray with her son.

In Mercy Street, she is with her son talking to Principal Dan Raditch about Rick transferring back to Degrassi Community School.

Mrs. Murray fixing her husband's suit on Rick.

In Time Stands Still (1), she helps Rick get ready for the competition in his father's old suit, which doesn't completely fit him. She tells him that in a year, he will be the same size of his father, and says that his father doesn't like being sent out of town to do business. She greets Toby Isaacs, asking if he is as excited as Rick for the competition, while helping Rick put on his jacket. She says that Rick has told her that his new friends from the quiz team (Emma Nelson and Jimmy Brooks) have become inseparable at school, which is a lie, as Rick has been deluding himself. Mrs. Murray reveals that she wanted to transfer Rick to another school, and Toby lies to her, saying that both of them are about to "run the school."


Mrs. Murray crying over her son's coffin.

In Back In Black, at Rick's visitation, Toby and Manny Santos find Mrs. Murray staring at a picture of Rick that is on top of his coffin. When Toby is about to leave because he doesn't think he can handle the visitation, his mother, in tears, recognizes Toby and calls out his name. She gives him a hug, and tells him he was always such a good friend to Rick. When J.T. Yorke shows up at the visitation, he apologizes to Mrs. Murray for what happened, and doesn't answer her question about if he was a friend of Rick's. Mrs. Murray gives him a hug as well, thanking him before returning to Rick's coffin to cry.
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