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Mrs. Perry

Mrs. Perry

Mrs. Perry was a kind-hearted and caring teacher who had taught at Degrassi High School for a number of years until June 1991. She was the special education teacher who professionally helped students with learning and reading disabilities. She had a short time tutorial assistant named Carmelita. Some of her students were Joey Jeremiah, Trish Skye, Dwayne Myers, Nick, Tabi, Joanne Rutherford and Ralph. She also worked hard to teach her students about HIV and AIDS awareness and had two people living with the virus come to her class as speakers to give advice and answer questions for her students. Also she and Mr. Raditch were the ones who first informed her class about the suicide of Claude Tanner she was very upset and in tears crying because she might have known or taught Claude at earlier time at Degrassi High. Then she, along with Trish,  gave their support when Joanne began to cry after hearing the sad news. She was also very happy to see Dwayne when everyone began to find out he was the person at school with HIV, show up for Degrassi High's last dance, dance with his friend Tabi to try to live a normal life. She was portrayed by Florence Darnell.

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