Mrs. Powers
Full Name Mrs. Powers
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Family Shay Powers (Daughter)
Mr. Powers (Husband)
Relationships Mr. Powers (Husband)
Job Hospital Employee
Affiliation(s) Unnamed Hospital
First Episode #NotOkay (1504)
Episode Count 1
Portrayed By Elle Downs
Mrs. Powers is Shay's mother, and the wife of Mr. Powers. She is portrayed by Elle Downs.

Character History

Season 15


Mrs. Powers watching television with her husband.

In #NotOkay, she watches TV with her husband and brings up the fact that Shay hasn't slept in a while due to her studies. Shay then asks if she could go to a movie with Tiny. Both Mr. and Mrs. Powers tell Shay that she isn't allowed to date because they don't want her having sex. Mrs. Powers says that she always sees girls Shay's age at the hospital pregnant. They then have a compromise that they'll let Shay go see a movie with Tiny if they meet him first, which Shay decides not to do.