Need You Now (1) is the thirty-eighth episode of Season 11 of Degrassi. It aired on March 30, 2012.

Main Plot

Eli wakes up to Imogen taking pictures of him, and asks her if she wants to spend the night. However, Eli’s dad Bullfrog ruins everything by insisting Eli rest. Bullfrog also tells Eli that he shouldn’t be dating, which angers Eli because he thinks his dad is being too controlling and scaring Imogen off with bipolar talk. Eli meets with Imogen in the art room and she shows him a collage she made of him, representing him overcoming mental illness. He loves it until he finds out Imogen showed it to everyone in her class, and he accidentally breaks her camera and freaks out on her. He apologizes by getting her a brand new camera, which she reluctantly accepts. Eli tells Adam that he pawned Bullfrog’s guitar to buy the camera, and when Eli can’t find her at her house or get a hold of her by phone he freaks out because he’s convinced she’s cheating on him.

Sub Plot

K.C. finds a letter from the Powells that is an invitation to Tyson’s christening. K.C. tells Jenna about it, but she’s not interested in going so he goes by himself. He learns the Powells have changed Tyson’s name to Doug, and K.C. is determined to be a part of his life again. K.C. starts lashing out at Jenna because she wants nothing to do with Tyson, so he decides he’ll do it on his own.

Third Plot

Tori tries out for the Power Squad, but doesn't make the cut. However, Marisol adds Tori to the squad after one of the other girls get injured. Tori agrees to help videotape Zig for a skateboarding competition, but by doing so makes herself late for Power Squad practice. Marisol kicks her off the team. When Tori pleads for a second chance Marisol makes Tori wear the mascot costume until she can find a replacement.

  • The title of this episode is named after the song "Need You Now" by Lady Antebellum.

  • Imogen: "Eli Goldsworthy, we're in a fishbowl"
  • Imogen: "I have a long night of much needed triple H: homework, a hot bath, and Harry Potter."

  • "Stick of Dynamite" by Hilary Grist - Heard when Eli finds Imogen taking photos of birds in the garden.
  • "Nowhere Near My Heart" by Kori Pop - Heard when Imogen takes photos of Eli sleeping.
  • "Diamonds" by Billy the Kid & the Southside Boys - Heard when K.C. faces losing his baby for good.
  • "Hell Heaven" by Parlovr - Heard when Eli slams his phone against his bedroom door.
  • "Shadow of a Ghost" by Emma-Lee
  • "Holding Hands" by We Are Wolves
  • "Hollywood" by Lisha Cash