Never Ever (1) is the fifteenth episode of Season 12 of Degrassi. It aired on August 8, 2012.

Main Plot

Imogen designs an elaborate set for Romeo and Jules, but is informed by Eli that there is not enough money to put in her designs, which equal out to C$500 dollars. Imogen, however, assures Eli that she will have the money to put up the set. She decides to go to her mother, wearing Mascara, contact lenses, and her hair down to be on her mom's good side, though she reveals that she dislikes her mother, who left her father when she was eight.

At the hospital where her mother works, Imogen asks for the money rather bluntly, and promises to out to dinner with her. At school, Imogen does a good job on the construction, but during break, her father suddenly appears in his house robe, embarrassing Imogen.

Imogen, her father, and Fiona decide to have Quesadillas for dinner, Imogen blowing off her mom, stating that she has "canceled appointments" in the past. While the three have fun making dinner, Imogen goes outside to take in the family dog, but Imogen is horrified to find that he has been run over by her father and is dead. Mr. Moreno states he has no memory of running him over, and Fiona tells Imogen that her father needs to get checked out, at which point Imogen's mother arrives. Imogen, despite having the excuse of her dogs death right in front of her, tells her mother that she didn't feel like coming, and coldly tells her to leave. Imogen's mom, who was unaware up until now that Fiona is Imogen's girlfriend, or even that Imogen likes girls. 

Sub Plot

Becky puts together a table to raise money for the homeless with Jenna. When Adam reveals to her that they already have the spot booked for Romeo and Jules tickets, Becky gets angry, remembering the play. Becky begins to hog the customers. When Adam tells her that they need to sell tickets, Becky tells him that starving children deserve the food they could get, but quickly reveals that she is working so hard as an attempt to get revenge on Eli. This prompts Adam to call Becky a hypocrite.

Third Plot

Katie realizes she has a crush on Jake when they are both in the garden and their hands touch. Later in class, Katie and Marisol discuss about what Katie should do. She's convinced that Jake only likes her as a 'gardening buddy' so she pairs up for the school physics assignment with someone she know she wouldn't fall for, Dallas.

The two work on kinetic energy, and decide to do so in the matter of Golf. They reveal their problems to eachother; Katie's recent misfortunes and bad decisions, and Dallas's low self esteem in sports. Katie reveals to Marisol that she is growing feelings for Dallas, and Marisol tells her that it is a bad decision.