New Beginners is the nickname given to the friendship between Maya Matlin, Tori Santamaria, Zig Novak, and Tristan Milligan. Their friendship began in New Beginnings when they all started to hang out with one another although initially Maya had a feud with Tori and Tristan had a feud with Zig. Eventually they all became close friends. The group is currently disbanded due to Tori moving away and Tristan no longer being friends with Maya and Zig but, as of Season 14, Tristan, Zig, and Maya all renewed their friendships.

Friendship History

Season 11

In Underneath It All, Marisol is seen in her car, driving Katie, and her new niner sister, Maya to school. Katie stresses out over her welcome-back speech to which Marisol says she should relax. Katie tells Maya that she's going to like Degrassi and have friends in no time, despite wanting to go to an art school. Maya is seen walking down the hallway, looking for the music classroom when she bumps into Zig, who asks her to save his life. She pretends to be his girlfriend and yells at him, so another niner (that Zig presumably doesn't like) leaves her alone. They both start to like each other and introduce each other when Zig asks Maya to meet him at The Dot after school. She accepts,She finally finds the band room and apologizes for being late. Ms. Oh says it's alright and assigns her to the cello. She goes to find an empty seat, in front of Tori and Tristan who are looking for Zig. Maya asks if they are talking about Zig Novak, and when they say yes, Maya informs them that Zig is now in art. Maya asks if Zig's a friend of there's, to which Tristan responds that Zig isn't a friend. Tori tells Maya that Zig is a player who uses girls then breaks their hearts, so it would be advisable to stay away from him,Maya is later seen waiting for Katie and on her laptop looking up Zig on FaceRange. Katie shows up and says Zig is cute and asks Maya if she has a crush. Maya explains how he asked her to The Dot but Tori and Tristan say that he's the devil and Katie tells Maya that before she started dating Drew, lots of people said he only cared about sex, which ended up not being true. Maya decides that she'll find out herself if Zig is really that mean. She goes to The Dot and Zig shows up a few minutes late. She asks Zig about Tori and Tristan and why they hate him, and he offers to explain it to her, once they find a table,The next day, Zig walks Maya to class when he notices Tori and Tristan staring at them. The bell rings so Maya walks into class. Tori asks Maya what she was doing with Zig, and Maya says they were just friends. Maya explains to Tori about what Zig told her and says that she's not Zig's type, which angers Tori. Tori picks up her Trombone and blows all of her spit in Maya's face. This obviously angers Maya who gets up and jumps on Tori and proceeds to fight with her. Ms. Oh sends them both to the office, where Mr. Simpson talks about how disappointing it is to see two smart girls fighting on the first week of school. They both get a week of detention,When Mr. Simpson walks away, Tori starts crying to Maya about Zig and how they had a good relationship but all of a sudden, Zig just started ignoring her and how she needs closure. Maya offers to talk to Zig for her. Maya talks to Zig about it and Zig decides he should go talk to Tori himself to give her closure. Later, Zig comes back to Maya and reveals that he realized he had no good reason for breaking up with Tori and they got back together. Tori thanks Maya and says they'll all have so much fun together this year. Maya is later seen talking to Katie, where she expresses that she never realized how much she liked Zig until it was gone.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (1), Tristan and Tori are working on their West Drive vlog when Tori abruptly leaves to
hang out with her boyfriend Zig. Tristan goes to his brother Owen for advice and Owen reluctantly gives him some…he tells Tristan to tell Tori that Zig called her fat. Tristan does so, but immediately confesses after Tori starts crying. Tori is furious that Tristan would lie to her. Tristan tricks Tori and Zig into meeting each other at The Dot so that he can apologize to both of them. He admits that he’s jealous of Zig and Tori’s relationship, and the three decide to perform a song together for Degrassi Coffee House.

In Can't Tell Me Nothing (2), Zig doesn’t really like the idea of singing Tristan and Tori’s song at the Degrassi Coffee House because it’s a duet and there’s no part for him, so Tristan writes him a part. However, Zig reveals that he’s written a rap, and with Tori liking the rap and thinking Tristan’s song is campy, Tristan storms off. After another talk with his brother Owen, Tristan decides to do his song whether or not he has Tori and Zig’s support. As he’s singing the crowd makes fun of him, so Tori joins Tristan to make it a duet. They’re able to coax Zig into doing his rap, and their performance gets a standing ovation.

In Need You Now (1), Tori tries out for the Power Squad, but it’s not good enough for her to get a spot on the team. However, Marisol adds Tori to the squad after one of the other girls get injured. Tori agrees to help videotape Zig for a skateboarding competition, but by doing so it makes her late for Power Squad practice. Marisol kicks her off the team, and when Tori pleads for a second chance Marisol makes Tori the mascot until she can find a replacement.

In Need You Now (2), humiliated, Tori wants Zig to be by her side as she parades around the halls in the mascot suit, but he’d rather skate with the guys instead. She tries again to get him to support her by asking him to go to the football game, but he refuses. Tori is hurt because she doesn’t feel like Zig supports her and calls him out on it. Later, Marisol tells Tori to suit up for the Power Squad because someone has volunteered to be the mascot…it turns out it was Zig and Tori forgives him.

Degrassi nov3 ss -0548
In Smash Into You (1), Adam finds a love note in his book bag, but tears it up because he thinks it’s a prank. One of his fears is skateboarding, so he hits up Degrassi’s skate park after school, where he’s approached by Tori. She asks him a bunch of questions about relationships, which leads him to believe she might be his secret admirer despite dating Zig. Adam keeps an eye on his locker from afar and catches Tori putting a note in his locker. She tells him her friend has a crush on him, and Adam agrees to go on a double date with Tori, Zig and her friend.

In Smash Into You (2), Adam shows up to the date to find out his secret admirer is Tristan. Tori assumed that Adam’s LGBT pin meant that he was gay, but he informs them that he’s transgender. Tristan feels embarrassed, but Adam share’s his past dating disasters and encourages Tristan to keep trying.               

In In The Cold, Cold Night (1), Maya, Tori, and Tristan are at band rehearsal and Maya is not liking it because grade nine band sucks later Tori can be seen with Tristan making sarcastic expressions due to Maya sitting out of their band rehearsal.

Degrassi nov18th ss 1241
In In the Cold, Cold Night (2), Tori offers advice to Maya on how to be promiscuously attractive for Maya's Indie band audition that evening. When Maya shows up to the Frostival, Tori is welcoming and understanding and seems to find it funny when Maya fails at playing the trumpet.

Season 12

In Come As You Are (1), after the announcement of uniforms being gone, Tori and Maya and Tristan are excited to go shopping for new clothes. Maya mentions that she wants to try out for Mo's new rock band. The hockey team walks by and Dallas makes a joke about Maya being flat-chested, making Maya feel insecure. Maya, Tori, Tristan, and Zig all go to the mall and Maya talks to Tori about what happened with Mo. Maya sees a poster of a girl in a bra and compares the girls breast size to her own, making her feel insecure. Tristan then wonders aloud if Maya was thinking about getting implants. Tori tells him that she had a different idea.

In Come As You Are (2), Maya shows up at school with the bra stuffers (or as she calls them "chicken cutlet things") in her shirt. However she misplaced them giving her the effect of a "uniboob". Tori fixes them in front of everyone in the hallway. Tori wishes Maya good luck and she heads to her audition, Later, Maya is frustratingly searching her locker for her music sheets when Tori walks up telling her that everyone is calling her "chicken cutlet" because of the audition incident. Maya asks why Tori's breasts are already larger than hers, and Tori reveals that she repeated Grade 4, making her a year older than Maya. Tori assures Maya that she will be there for her, and walks with her down the hall. As they walk, people point fingers and scoff at Maya, but Tori tells her to ignore it. As Maya and Tori try to leave school Mo stops them and tells Maya that he found her music sheets, and that he wants her in the band. She is ecstatic. Owen then walks by and states "he is hungry for chicken cutlets", making the hockey team laugh. Maya takes the bra stuffer out and throws it at the back of his head stating "eat this". He tries to give it back to her but she responds with "Keep it. It'll be the most action you'll get all year." making everyone in the room laugh. Tori tells Maya that she is her hero.

In Gives You Hell (1), Campbell meets Maya and Tristan in French class when they're asked to group up and
Tristan immediately starts to like him. The next day, Maya tells Tristan she got a friend request from Campbell on Facerange expecting he sent Tristan one too, but he didn't. Tristan becomes jealous and goes on Maya's Facerange while she's not in the room and talks to Campbell, finding out they have so much in common. Later, at lunch, Campbell goes to ask Maya if she wants to borrow his Lost Season 1 DVD, which Tristan talked to him about on Maya's FaceRange. Maya is first confused but figures out Tristan was the one talking to Campbell through Tristan's signals. Campbell asks Maya if they can talk about it on FaceRange and Maya says yes. Campbell leaves to go back to his table and Tristan is convinced by Maya to go over and talk to him. Tristan asks if there's a spot for one more, mortifying his brother, to which Campbell responds with "I think you have the wrong table", making everyone laugh. Tristan walks back to his table with Maya, humiliated. Campbell later walks up to Tristan and Maya and apologizes for being mean to Tristan. He explains that he's homesick and now his only family is the Hockey Team, so he has to fit in with them. They accept his apology and he walks away, and Tristan asks Maya for her FaceRange password so he can talk to Campbell again.

In Gives You Hell (2), Tristan is seen telling Maya to play along with what Campbell because he is still using her FaceRange account and are later on Tristan and Maya are seen looking at Campbell walking away after Campbell said "We will never be friends Never".             


In Got Your Money (1), Zig finding out through Maya that he made it in to WhisperHug (Mo's band) and Tori gives him a kiss to congratulate him, which annoys Maya. Tori then mentions their four month anniversary, which Zig seems to have forgotten, but he takes a cue from Maya. Zig lies to Tori, saying that he was planning a big surprise, which makes her excited. She tells him to buy new pants because she thinks the school uniform pants are really lame. She also notes that he and his friend, Damon, are the only ones still wearing them after the uniform policy was removed, later after Zig shows Maya his gift he got for Tori for their 4 month but Maya says Tori is using her money that she saved for four years on him which makes Zig break out of his plans with Tori which makes her mad and she stops talking to him, in French class, Zig tries to work with Tori, but Maya explains that she does not want to talk to him right now later Zig asks for some help from Maya about Tori and she reluctantly agrees to help him.Maya and Tori go to Little Miss Steaks, and Tori is talking about how upset she is about Zig. She is quite angry when she sees him there, but she tells Maya to leave after she calms down. Zig decides to tell Tori to order whatever she wants, though the expression on his face as he looks at the menu confirms that he cannot afford the restaurant's prices. When the bill comes, Tori asks if they should split it, but Zig says no and asks her to meet him outside. He turns around and sees that Marisol is busy, and then decides to quickly exit the restaurant. Once outside, he kisses Tori passionately, as an angry Marisol discovers the empty bill.

In Got Your Money (2), Zig is first seen studying until Tori comes up from behind and surpeises him saying she
can't wait until there next anniversary. Zig then tells her to calm down and wait until it happens later As Tori and Zig are walking through the hallway Tori asks when she can meet Zig’s mom, but he says she’s too busy. Tickets are on sale for the school dance where WhisperHug will be performing, but when Zig and Tori approach the ticket table there’s no one around. Zig tells Tori he can get her into the dance without buying a ticket and when she leaves, Zig steals the money bag on the table. Later Zig finds out there’s a locker search happening at the school because of the missing money. Office Turner asks Zig to open up his locker and guitar back, and doesn’t find anything. Zig goes into an empty classroom to pocket the stolen money and is caught by Maya and Tori. He gives them the money without a fight, and walks out feeling ashamed. Zig is too embarrassed to go to the dance now, but his mom gives him the $50 and tells him that his friends won’t care about how much money he has. Zig shows up to the dance and confesses to Tori about their dine and dash, and that his family is poor before performing with the band. Afterward Tori finds Zig’s family’s store, where he apologizes and Tori finally (and excitedly) meets Zig’ mom.

In Waterfalls (1), Maya is in class, when Cam walks she stares at him until Tristan and Tori try to get her attention. Tori sees Maya writing a song called "Jersey Boy" than Tori ask about her and Cam. Maya tells her that Cam asked her out. Maya ask Tristan if he's okay with it and Tristan sings that his new love is the musical and that she should go for him.

In Waterfalls (2), in French class, Maya is texting Tristan and Tori about her date with Cam. They get caught and the teacher reads aloud the messages.

In Rusty Cage (1), the New Beginners along with Campbell are seen at little miss steaks for karaoke night.

In Rusty Cage (2), Maya is talking to Tristan about how Campbell is not answering her texts.

In Scream (1), Tori and Tristan are rehearsing for Romeo and Jules. Tristan doesn't want to have his first kiss with Dave so Zig and Tristan advise him to find someone to be his first kiss before the play. Later Tori and Tristan are present during the speech that Eli is making and rehearsing the play more. Later in the band room Tristan tells Tori and Maya. That he is crushing on Fab but Tori informs him that its not a good idea. Than he complains the She and Maya get to be in love but not him and walks away upset. Later in the hallway Tristan and Maya find a rose on Tristan's locker from a secret admirer and they are both thrilled.

In Scream (2), Maya and Zig are practicing in the band room. Tori meets and informs than that Tristan is missing and she cant find him. Maya tells her that Tristan is meeting his secret admirer and Zig thinks he's having his first kiss and that they should leave him alone but they go and look for him anyway. While looking fro Tristan they run into Dallas, Lke, and Owen in the hallway,Tori and Owen recognizes his phone. She, Maya and Zig watch as Owen slams Luke into the locker treating him to tell where is brother is. Eventually they find Tristan and Tori gives him his first kiss. they manage to get to the play on time and it is a success.

In Building A Mystery (2), Zig and Maya are with their band WhisperHug at Degrassi's funraiser proforming.

In Doll Parts (1), Maya feels unappreciated by Cam and her band so she tells Tori of these instances and Tori and Tristan decide to give her a makeover later when Maya shows Cam her new appearance, Cam laughs at her, but when he tries to make up for it, Maya yells that she has no idea what he wants and runs to the band room, tearing off all her makeup. Zig finds Maya crying her eyes out and comforts her, which leads to the decision to join the beauty pageant that Tori is entering. While there, Maya is disappointed that Cam is not there and is afraid she did this for nothing. When she is called on stage, she falls on her face, but laughs it off. After her performance, she and Zig have a chat and Maya is surprised to find she has made it to the second round. After the show, she calls Cam and breaks up with him, before having a flirty moment with Zig. When Tori comes and kisses Zig, Maya seems troubled.

In Doll Parts (2), Maya performs her song for Tristan and Tori. Tristan loves the song, while Tori, in a jealous rage, tells Maya that she has no shot at winning the Miss Millennial Pageant. Maya assumes it's because Tori doesn't think she's pretty enough. Maya later tells Katie that she plans on asking Zig to help her with her act, and Katie worries that it will upset Tori even more. Maya asks Zig anyways, and Zig agrees, also saying that Maya is sexy enough to perform by herself. A few minutes later, Maya runs into Cam, who apologizes for not paying attention to her and not kissing her. He asks her for a second chance, and tells her he'll try harder, to which she responds, "You shouldn't have to try." Later at the pageant, Zig performs with Maya, and they share a kiss backstage. Maya instantly regrets it, while Zig doesn't seem to mind. Katie walks in and sees the kiss, later calling Maya out on it while preparing her for the interview. She asks Maya if she really wants to be a boyfriend stealer, and that she deserves better than a boy who kisses girls besides his girlfriend. She also tells Maya not to let a boy come between her and Tori's friendship. Later at the interview, Tori tells the judges that her biggest flaw is saying things without thinking of the consequences, and publicly apologizes to Maya. Maya tells the judges that she's a huge bitch, and runs out. She goes over to Cam's and apologizes, and the two reconcile. The next day, while Tori and Maya are back on good terms, Zig expresses his jealousy of her and Cam's relationship, saying they both "felt it" the other night when they kissed. Maya says she was confused and that she likes Cam, before going off with him and Zig stares at her as she walks off with Cam.

In I Want It That Way (1), Tristan, Tori, and Maya are all taking a yoga class together. Tristan expresses interest in Fab to the two girls. During yoga, Tristan has trouble doing the exercises, and Fab tells him about a modified position he could use that would be easier for him. This offends and upsets Tristan, as he thinks Fab called him fat. Later, the three of them go shopping together. Tristan expresses his unhappiness with his weight, saying that Fab basically called him fat during yoga. He says that he wants love and thinks that maybe he isn't finding it because of his weight. Tori suggests that he goes on a diet, but Maya disapproves of her suggestion. Tori and Maya try to get him to try on a shirt to make him feel better, but he says that not even retail therapy could help him. The next day, Tristan tells Tori and Maya that he plans to go on a cleanse diet. Maya protests the idea, but Tori decides to do the diet with him. Tori and Tristan vlog their cleanse diet online, trying to lose 7 pounds in a week, but Tori tries talking to Tristan one last time about how the diet might not be a good idea. He tells her that if he can't even like himself, then no one can, which convinces Tori to participate with him.

In I Want It That Way (2), Tori records Tristan for the cleanse vlog, and he manages to hit his goal: 7 pounds in a week. Tori tells him that he looks fabulous, and that she doesn't know how he did it since she only lasted a day on the diet. She gives him the black yoga shirt as a congratulatory gift that they had seen earlier at the mall, and he loves it. She ask if he'll come back to Yoga Club now, but Tristan says he needs to get "one-on-one" tutoring from Fab. Later, Maya and Tori throw Tristan a celebratory lunch for kicking the cleanse diet and scoring a date with Fab. Tristan refuses to eat the food, and continues to do the cleanse diet. Tori and Maya tell him that he can't survive without food, but Maya gets Tristan to agree to at least eat her yogurt with granola.

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In Tonight, Tonight, Tori confesses to Maya and Campbell that she feels like she is losing Zig. Maya asks why she thinks that, and Tori says that he is acting weird and might like another girl. She tells her that whenever her and Zig are together, it feels like he is somewhere else. Maya tries to cover for Zig, knowing that Zig actually likes her now, but assures Tori that he is just busy with exams and the Battle of the Band. Maya lies to Tori and assures her that she is overreacting. Later, Maya talks to Zig before class, telling him to stop being weird with Tori. Zig asks if she sent Maya to talk to him, and Maya tells him that it doesn't matter. She says that they agreed that everything would go back to normal between them, and Zig points out that he never agreed to that. Maya says that he doesn't have to be "the big bad wolf" if Zig tries to be nice to Tori, which he reluctantly agrees to do. Later, Tori, Maya, and Campbell are at Maya's house studying for their French exam. Tori is on her phone and says that Zig isn't texting her back, and Maya tells her that she talked to Zig. Maya lies to her best friend, saying that Zig said that nothing was wrong and that he was just busy. At that moment, Zig shows up to Maya's house unannounced, and they are all confused to see him. Maya plays it off to Tori that she told Zig that she was here, and Tori tells Zig to sit next to her. Zig does not talk to Tori directly, and he and Maya go and talk in the kitchen. Zig confesses to her that after the Battle of the Bands, he is going to break up with Tori. Maya tells him that he cannot do that, but he defends himself, saying it's not nice to be with her when he likes Maya and he can't lie anymore. Maya reveals to Katie that Zig is breaking up with Tori because he likes her, and she says that she needs to stop him. However, Katie tells her that there's nothing she can do, and that Zig is actually doing the right thing by being honest. At the Battle of the Bands, Zig and Maya are talking before they perform, and Maya is upset because Campbell won't talk to her. Zig tells her that he is still breaking up with Tori today, and puts his hand on hers. Maya yells at him that she doesn't want to be with him and that she loves Cam. Zig asks why did they kiss if she loves Campbell so much, and at that moment, Tori clears her throat, revealing she had heard the conversation. Maya and Zig had not noticed her, and Tori states that she had brought them two drinks to cheer them up for being disqualified. Maya begins to ramble excuses to her, but Tori angrily throws the two drinks on the ground at her, and walks out. Zig and Maya find out the can perform at the Battle Of The Bands Again but Adam can't play so Zig has to play bass Maya asks him can he handle that and Zig says yes after that they are seen performing. 

In Bitter Sweet Symphony (1), Tori glares at Maya as she walks past prompts Cam to ask if Tori still isn't talking to her which causes Maya to say that is the reason she is so glad that he is back, because she has no other friends now. Zig greets Maya after noticing they're on the same spirit week team, causing Cam to become jealous. Tristan walks past the two and makes a rude remark how the two were placed on the same team. Later on in the gymnasium, the green and red spirit teams were preparing for their first spirit week competition, a game of floor hockey. Zig helps Maya with her headband as Campbell looks on angrily. When the game began, Cam attacked Zig by elbowing in the face and continued to fight him until Mr. Simpson and Dallas pulled him off. In Mr. Simpson's office, Zig angrily states that Cam attacked him and said that Maya could vouch for him which she did and Cam is suspended for a week. The next day, Zig was walking up the steps where Cam was waiting for Maya with his lunch. Cam begins to gloat about how Maya forgave him. Angrily, Zig calls Cam says that Maya won't stay forgiving him for long, and you can't keep up this act for long eventually Maya will what see what I see and calls him a psycho and that if he really does care about Maya he will stay out of her life for good.

Maya tell zig
In Bitter Sweet Symphony (2), Zig feels guilty for his comments towards Cam and meets up with Maya outside Degrassi which Maya says "Finally someone who will treat me normal" which she realizes Zig is feeling guilty about Cam's death and she says "Not you too" Zig tells Maya that its his fault why Cam committed suicide because he told him to stay out of her life for good and he did Maya starts laughing and Zig cannot understand why Maya is acting so indifferent. Zig, Tori, and Tristan attended the candle vigil for Cam, Maya snaps while she is giving a speech she tells everyone that she will not cry and blames Cam for his decision and unwillingness to ask for help before storming off. The next day, Tori approaches Maya again, with Maya finally breaking down in her best friend's arms they become friends again and walk to class together but Maya stops and takes out Hoot and looks at it and then walks to class.

In Ray of Light (1), Maya, Tori, Tristan at lunch and Katie joins them later their at Little Miss Steaks and Maya is performing there.


Zig, Tori, Maya, and Damon in the video yearbook.

In Ray of Light (2), they are showed in the Degrassi video yearbook with along with Damon.

In Karma Police (1), in French class, Madame Jean-Aux has assigned the class an oral presentation where they tell the class where they would go if they could go back in time. It's Tori's turn for her presentation, and she breaks down when she says that she'd go back to before Cam committed suicide. Tristan goes up and hugs her as she cries, but Zig expresses his exasperation. Tristan tells Zig he isn't one to talk because he kissed Cam's girlfriend. At this point Maya tries to make a stand, but she is ignored. Madame says to Zig that if he's so eager to talk, he can make his presentation as well. Zig says he'd go back to before the presentation was ever assigned, and walks out.

In Karma Police (2), Zig tries to make it up to Madame Jean-Aux by singing a French song, dedicated to her, not knowing its about two lovers. Zig gets laughed off the stage and runs into the hallway, where he is confronted by Madame. She tells him what the song is about and Zig apologizes then leaves. Damon catches him outside where he is crying. Zig tells him about all the bad stuff he has done, and how he keep hurting the ones he cares about. The next day, he asks Madame if he could present his time travel assignment. She says yes. At first, Zig says he would go back in time to before he dumps trash on Madame's car, but he then says he would go back in time to before anything bad ever happened. He then apologizes to everyone who he has hurt. Zig talks to Maya, Tori and Tristan after class and apologizes again. Before walking away, Maya invites Zig and Damon to be extras in Eli's zombie movie.

In Zombie (1), while filming scenes for Eli's new feature film, Maya asks Zig if he would like to go on a date after they finish their scenes for the day. Zig is uncertain about this and asks her "what about Cam?", which Maya replies sarcastically to. As she backs away, she bumps into a boy named Harry, whom she begins to flirt with. Later on, Maya is seen at her house looking at herself in the mirror, wearing a see-through shirt. Katie questions her outfit and asks her if she's going through a "phase". Katie also voiced it was too soon to be finding a new boyfriend. Maya later shows up at school wearing new four inch heels with the same outfit as before. She voices her need to find a new cute boy toTristan, who reluctantly agrees with her. The two become excited when they get invited to Drew's campaign party, their first "senior party". Later on, Maya comes down stairs in very short shorts and a skimpy outfit. When her mother asks about it, she informs her she was invited to a senior party. Her mother quickly tells her she's not allowed to go to the party, and she has to practice for her cello auditions. Maya calls Tristan and pretends to tell him she cannot go to the party, but later tells him to meet her at the corner. At the party, Maya picks up a drink and offers it to Tristan, who declines. Tristan goes to talk to Dave, leaving Maya by herself. Maya struggles with opening the drink, noticing this, Harry goes over and opens it for her. Harry and Talia begin drinking with Maya. While she's talking, Zig texts Maya asking if they can talk. Maya takes a picture with Harry and Talia and sends it as a reply, with the caption "too soon?". Later on, Zig arrives at the party looking for Maya. He finds Tristan, who tells him Maya's had a few drinks. Zig confronts Maya and tries to get her to leave with him, which Maya refuses. She begins to taunt Zig, saying that he could have been her boyfriend right now. Zig calls Maya a mean drunk and leaves the party. Maya, Harry, and Talia go into a bedroom and begin to talk further. After looking through her phone, Talia realizes that she was Campbell Saunders's girlfriend. After discussing further, Talia records a video of Maya saying that she didn't ask to be the girlfriend of the dead guy and for them to "get over it". Harry and Maya begin making out, which Talia records on Maya's phone. After the party, Maya is seen sneaking into her house late at night. She receives a Facerange message from Zig asking if she is okay. She replies with a "yup" then proceeds to post the video of her and Harry making out on her Facerange page.

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In Zombie (2), Zig confronts Maya, and they begin fighting. Zig is angry at Maya for being with Harry and posting the video. He asks why he would even want to be with that "tool" and Maya fights back, saying that she deleted it. Maya screams at him, saying she is sick of people telling her who to be. She then storms over to the dumpsters, and throws her cello in. Zig tells her that her parents are going to flip. Maya says she doesn't care, that she's quitting, and she's done. Zig and Maya sit together outside the day after Maya's breakdown. Later Maya explains the fight and that she messed up. She says the worst thing was that she treated him like garbage. She almost leaves to get her cello back, but Zig says he fished it out of the dumpster. They then hold hands, and Zig says saying no to her was hardest thing ever because he really likes her and says that he want them when she does Maya says she doesn't know when that will be and Zig says that he will wait for her after this Zig gets up and walks away smiling and Maya is smiling.


  • Tristan to Cam: "Yeah, it's craaazyyy."