Nic was Mia Jones' former boyfriend whom she dated before Lucas Valieri and J.T. Yorke. He was a bully and a Lakehurst Secondary School student before it burned down. He was friends with Johnny DiMarco. He was portrayed by Devon Bostick.

Character History

Season 6


Nic (center) confronting J.T. at Lakehurst

He used to date Mia before Mia met Lucas Valieri and became pregnant with their baby, Isabella.

However, she soon found out about the beatings he took part in. She soon broke up with him after finding out about his violent personality.

Nic is believed to be the starter of the
Normal Degrassi TNG S06E04 avi3405

Nic, after Darcy bumps into him.

violence between Lakehurst and Degrassi, however, he blames it on J.T. Yorke, the Degrassi mascot for starting up the violence by creating a brawl between the teams of Lakehurst and Degrassi at a basketball game.

However, Mia thinks it is because she and J.T. are dating and Nic's jealously is the reason they formed a rivalry.

But it proved to be false, as he soon called Mia a "dumb slut" in front of J.T. and said "he didn't care about her."

As a punishment, he threatens J.T. to come to a rumble to settle his debt, however, after Mia finds out about the rumble and stops him, Nic (along with Johnny DiMarco) beat up Toby Isaacs instead as he left the school.



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