Not Ready To Make Nice (1) is the thirty-sixth episode of Season 11 of Degrassi. It aired on March 16, 2012.

Main Plot

During breakfast, Clare and Jake talk about their breakup, and Jake thinks Clare's trying to avoid him. When Glen mentions that it's Jake's 17th birthday, he suggests that Jake invites his new girl over for dinner. Clare confronts Alli at school, thinking that she is the new girl, but she finds out it is in fact Jenna when Alli says it's not her and Jenna acts awkward. Clare yells at Jenna, who tries to explain to Clare that they are just friends. Clare goes to a bookstore and meets Summer, who after Clare explains all of her family issues to, tells Clare that her and her boyfriend take in teens who have problems at home from time to time. Clare says she isn't going to run away, but Summer tells her that sometimes, you need a change in scenery. Clare buys a book from the story and walks away. At home, Clare sees Jake and Jenna together and has an awkward conversation with them, leading them to leave to Jake's room and Clare to scream into her pillow. At dinner, Jenna reveals that she had a baby last spring and had it adopted, and Helen and Glen congratulate her on being able to move on past that difficulty, which angers Clare, who thought it'd make them think less of Jenna. The next day, Clare calls her dad to pick her up from school and they talk in the car. Clare reveals she wants to move in with him, but he says his condo is cramped because he's living with his girlfriend, Irene, and her kids. After that, she is at home packing her bags when her mom walks in. Helen tries to explain to Clare that she knows things have changed, but they're in a better place now, so Clare reveals that she's moving in with Randall. Helen says that Randall would never agree to that, but Clare bluffs and says that she can call him if she doesn't believe her. She shows up at Summer's house and meets Summer's boyfriend, Cash. The next morning, Clare sees that they all eat together, and when they hear Clare's phone ring from a text from Jake, they say that there is a no cell phones policy because they are a "leash to your old life". Clare destroys her phone by dropping it in the fish tank, after being told to do so.

Sub Plot

Connor decides to join the football team, one of the reasons being to help himself learn how to socialize with his peers. He has no trouble doing the football drills, beating out Mo for the starting nose tackle position. However, he still doesn’t know how to fit in yet: he doesn’t understand a joke Drew and Owen make, and then when he over laughs at Mo’s joke (because he thought that’s what he’s supposed to do), he insults Mo. He also unintentionally insults Mo’s weight. Mo’s only on the team to pick up girls, so he has no problems being rude to Connor. Connor decides to play a joke on Mo by creating a fake Facerange profile and luring Mo into a date with a “hot girl” at The Dot.

Third Plot

Fiona realizes she has a crush on Imogen, so her plan to nip it in the bud is simple: she tries to hook Imogen and Eli up. Eli admits that he has feelings for Imogen, while Imogen’s feelings are somewhat unknown. Fiona invites them both of them to her loft, where she has a picnic laid out for them. Fiona told Eli she was setting them up, but not Imogen, who looks uncomfortable about the situation. Eli leaves and Imogen questions why Fiona is being so pushy about getting her and Eli together.

  • "Beggar in the Morning" by Barr Brothers - Heard when Clare talks to her mother.
  • "Dreamer" by Lynzie Kent - Heard when Clare shops at the bookstore.
  • "Bang Bang" by Dolly - Heard when Connor beats Mo's tackle.
  • "Crybaby" by Basement Superheroes - Heard when Jake plays Jenna some music in his room.
  • "Hourglass" by Blocks - Heard when Clare waits for her dad.