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Season 16, Episode 10
Can. Airdate

September 20, 2016

U.S. Airdate

July 22, 2016

Prod. Code



Sarah Glinski



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#OMFG is the tenth episode (and the Netflix season 2 finale) of the sixteenth season of Degrassi: Next Class.

Main Plot

Lola shuts down Shay's request to date Tiny, which leads Shay to act out during their championship game.

In the end, Lola allows Shay to date Tiny. Shay texts him, but he never shows up. When shaking hands with Northern Tech, Shay learns that the bus with the Degrassi fans crashed, with Maya, Zig, Jonah, Tristan, Tiny, and Grace all on it.

Sub Plot

Zoë's burning intensifies & as Winston begins to second-guess their relationship, she finally gives into her true self and comes out to him as gay. They remain friends and go to the game together.

Third Plot

Hunter attempts to define his relationship with Yael, but fears he will hurt her again.

  • "The Liberty Bell" by John Phillip Sousa & Jim McGrath - Heard during the Pep Rally as the school band plays.
  • "Can We Work It Out" by Gordi - Heard while Zoë gets caught making a self-harm post by Grace.
  • "Degrassi Is My Home" by The Cast of Degrassi - Heard while Zig and his friends board the bus.
  • "Hipster" by Frantic Clam - Heard when Kara accepts Frankie's apology and agrees to let her play.
  • "Turn Down For Trap" by DJ Brian Howe - Heard when the volleyball game begins.
  • "Do It!" by Ace Wilder - Heard when the volleyball game ends and the Degrassi team celebrates their win.
  • "Till My Heart Stops" by Too Far Moon - Heard when Hunter apologizes to Yael.

  • Download #OMFG from Living On Video TV

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