Oliver Dean is the former West Drive co-star of Zoë Rivas, and co-starred with Maya Matlin in her controversial music video. He is portrayed by Marc-Anthony Sarria.

Character History

Season 13


Oliver and Maya during a scene of her music video.

In Who Do You Think You Are, Zoë introduces Oliver to Maya and Tristan - who nearly says that he is known to possibly be bisexual - and tells Maya that he's starring in her music video. Oliver then makes the music video with Maya. The video becomes controversial because of the seductive scenes they have together and brands Maya as a slut for being willing to do such scenes. Also, Miles Hollingsworth III, who was romantically interested in Maya, becomes jealous of Oliver's intimate and sexy scenes with her. 


  • His West Drive character is named Kalan Lancaster.
  • In a Youtube video, Marc stated that the role of Oliver could become a recurring character. 
  • Tristan has major a crush on him.
  • It is possible that Zoë picked Oliver for the music video because he looks like Miles.