The friendship between Owen Milligan and Mark "Fitz" Fitzgerald began sometime before Season 10

Friendship History

Season 10

In My Body Is A Cage (1), Fitz and Owen are walking down the hallway when they run into Clare and Adam. Adam had just bumped into Clare, dropping his tampons all over the floor. Owen and Fitz tease Adam, but Adam shoves the tampons at Clare and she covers for him. They then walk away. Later, Owen and Fitz corner Adam in the washroom. They tell him they heard something from B (meaning Bianca DeSousa) and attempt to force him to urinate in the urinal like a male. When Adam refuses, they realize what's going on and comment, "You really are a chick!" Owen then picks him up, carries him out of the washroom and throws him against the door, shattering the glass. After Drew, Adam's step-brother, realizes what Fitz and Owen did to him, he goes outside looking for Fitz and Owen while Adam follows, trying to stop him. Drew says, "I heard you were messing with my brother," to which Fitz replies, "Last time we checked you had a sister." Drew then proceeds to push Fitz and the two fight. Owen holds back Adam while Fitz beats up Drew.

In My Body Is A Cage (2), It is mentioned by Mr. Simpson tells Mrs. Torres that both Fitz and Owen were suspended for assaulting Adam.

In All Falls Down (2), they attend the Vegas Night Dance though it later goes on lockdown though to Fitz having a knife.


  • Owen and Fitz trapped Adam in the bathroom and threw him against a glass door.
  • They were both considered to be troublemakers.
  • They were both friends with Bianca DeSousa.
  • They both got in trouble due to what they did at Vegas Night - Owen for paying Alli money so she would perform oral sex on him and Fitz for having a knife to school and using it to fake stab Eli which resulted him being arrested.
  • They both have a crush on a "good girl"- Owen with Anya and Fitz with Clare.